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Forget the Work-Life Balance, We Need to Find the Right "Blend"

Today, CityAM published an Opinion Piece I wrote about how the concept of finding a work-life balance is irrelevant to our modern society, indeed how it's pursuit can cause unmanageable stress.  In a world that is 'on' 24/7 and so many people have to constantly juggle all of their competing pressures, enlightened employers should help their teams achieve their individual work-life blend; that will result in better wellbeing and more productivity, less staff turnover, and a more people centric business culture.  At Ella's Kitchen we have invested in making this a cornerstone of our culture and personal - as well as professional - development - through adopting an Open Blend Method of support and understanding.

Businesses are simply collections of people aligned, motivated and incentivised to a common goal or mission of profit and purpose.  This is how we try to achieve ours.  Here's the article:

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