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A force for good

"I believe business can be a transformational force for good, a powerful tool to tackle the challenges facing people and the planet, and a vital key to building an economy that works better for everyone."

From the Ella's Kitchen story to proposing new policy for corporate reform, from campaigning on child obesity to increased representative democracy, from authoring a best selling book to writing an activist hip hop song I hope you find insights, tips, advice and inspiration here on how you can harness your own confidence to influence - and be a force for change - for the things you care about.

Think like a toddler

"You are a creative genius, a master negotiator,  and a born go-getter. At least, you used to be." Paul Lindley

In his best-selling book Little Wins: The Power of Thinking Like a Toddler, Paul shows you how much you have lost in getting old, and how you can get it back.

'Little Wins is all about how we can all unlock our personal potential, not by learning new skills, but by rediscovering old ones - the mindset we all once had as toddlers. It's about recapturing a new and less cluttered perspective on life, in a stressful and busy world. As a toddler we were at our most imaginative, free-thinking and self confident. And we can be again. It's not about becoming someone you're not. It's the opposite: it's about becoming the best version of who you already are.'